Meet the krewe members of The Aerial Space Squad – Krewe of A.S.S. Each member has their own unique superpowers, both in the Krewe and in the muggle world.


Using a combination of acrobatics and mystical influence, Bex and Lex united to commandeer the original “Alien Stripper Pole” Chewbaccus subkrewe in 2014. Together they began to recruit others to their alien aerial krewe and became co-captains of the newly dubbed Aerial Space Squad.

Origin Story Bex was born in the frozen north and followed the sun until she made her way to New Orleans in 2009. She used mystic arts to influence the universe and was led to a group of amazing aerialists.

Powers Organization, Multitasking, Magic

Weaknesses Talking to Strangers, Functioning Without Coffee


Secret Identity Lex Flex

Superpowers Flight and Friendship pause for “awe”

Rival The Ground and Mornings

Origin Story Lex gained her ability to fly when she came across a wizard known as Groupon and he showed her the way to the magical land of pole and aerial fitness. With her new found ability Lex, along with her partner in crime Rebekah, commandeered the infamous space craft known as The Alien Stripper Pole back in 2014 and begin to fill the spacecraft with the most amazing and talented people they could find from all over the galaxy and The Aerial Space Squad was formed. With their combined abilities they made it their mission to fight inequality and body shaming for all, by parading their unique and amazing abilities down the streets of New Orleans.

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Shy but very food-motivated so she’s just a few treats away from being your new best friend.

Follow her adventures at @jessecaits.


Meredith initially started doing pole and aerials in 2016 as a new and exciting fitness outlet. In the end she not only found a great exercise outlet, but a community of free spirited, supportive, and fantastic friends. She has been a member of the Krewe since 2018 and is excited to continue her involvement. When not parading down the street or hanging at Awakenings Pole and Aerial NOLA, Mere spends every free moment with her husband and fur babies.


Superpowers Levitation and laughter

Nemesis Morning meetings

Backstory Fueled by the power of Mt Dew, Giggles discovered her levitation powers in 2010 by stumbling upon a hidden treasure in the land of Groupon – a pole fitness studio!!!. Using the pole, and later other aerial apparatuses, she discovered the ability to wield her power to uplift others and to help them unlock their own hidden potential. Masquerading as a defense attorney by day, Giggles can be found in the evening teaching pole fitness or Zumba classes if not busily crafting new disguises for her alter ego.

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“Luke and Leia might be naturals with the force but “I am” a force. I’m CC storm’s baby cousin with a little cosplayer who calls me mom!”

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Scarlett is a pole dance enthusiast born & raised in NOLA. She loves teaching pole and seeing her students grow. She plans to be the first person on Mars to rock a space suit and 8 inch heels.


“Hey everyone! My name is Samantha and I joined the best crew ever last year! I love food, working out and all things aerials. I also love all animals; I have a dog, cat and a pet pig! Yep, I said pig! I own an online boutique and love styling people!

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